International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

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2018 Events list

28 February 2018

- Author : Morgane - Category : Sporting event

PSIUS 2018#TTAC/WTTD(One Year)
THINK OUT of The BOX: GRASSROOT LEVEL (Rural as well as Urban) PING PONG / TABLE TENNIS for Each & Every One "Whats Ever Your Mood Play Table Tennis. "
Our event " PSIUS 2018#TTAC/WTTD(One Year) TTAC-Table Tennis Awareness Camp / WTTD World Table Tennis Day " is going on from 1st January 2018 & 31st December 2018. We are Celebrate WTTD 2018 wh...

03 - 31 March 2018

- Author : DEANNA Sanitoa - Category : Symbolic action

ASA's Family Collection of Peace In Sports Life
ASA'S FAMILY COLLECTION OF PEACE IN SPORTS LIFE. ASA will be using the White Card idea, although we will extend it across our ASA family wherever located in the world. The sport of athletics will be the main sport, although some of the other sports will be included as well. The idea is that peace can be promoted in every aspect of life; especially ...

03 March 2018

- Author : WILKO VRIESMAN Wilko - Category : Sporting event

Aikido for Peace
Aikido is the Martial Art of Peace. During the seminar the public can experience directly the benefits and value of this Art  

06 March 2018

- Author : Morgane - Category : Sporting event

Открытый личный турнир
Много участников.Популяризация настольного тенниса.

06 March 2018

- Author : Morgane - Category : Sporting event

Le ping pour tous
Gales for the children , open day for people to discover TT.Games, Tournaments mixing genders, Lottery with table tennis equipment or others

06 March 2018

- Author : Morgane - Category : Sporting event


Table Tennis for everyone and everywhere
Attract as much people as possible from all Lithuania. All Lithuania

06 March 2018

- Author : DR LEONARDO Mataruna - Category : Debate

Show your White Card for Peace and Sport
The activity will be held at American University in the Emirates with students and professors with the diversity of people from different nations. 

06 March 2018

- Author : HAMANE Mohamed - Category :

Le aainball est un sport educatif ;où on trouve pas de contact entre les joueurs ce qui neglige les accidents .un nouveau sport qui permet de creer des clubs des postes de travails.ect nos sponsors :steASTA

07 March 2018

- Author : Morgane - Category : Sporting event

Jugamos Donde Queramos
Show other table tennis face, we find the way to play in any place and any conditions.Games, Short exhibitions, Tournaments in wheelchairs, Live music.

10 March - 12 May 2018

- Author : WYNNE Phoon - Category : Sporting event

M1 Netball Super League 2018
The M1 Netball Super League is Singapore's top club league, featuring the top five clubs in Singapore and a selection team, comprising of the other best players from the other clubs. Through the M1 NSL, we hope to promote peace and netball development to our fans. For more on NSL, please visit

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