International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

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13 March 2016 09:00 - 15:00

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- Author : LAGAGA Yvan - Category : Sporting event

La Riviera Classic pour la paix
Je vais participer à la prochaine édition de la classique des Riviera (qui aura lieu le dimanche 13 Mars 2016) sous les couleurs de Peace and Sport.
Reprenant l’originalité du Marathon de Monaco et des Riviera en parcourant trois pays (l’Italie, la France et Monaco), nous partirons depuis le centre ville de Vintimille (ITA), traverserons ...

22 March 2016 17:30 - 19:30

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- Author : GARCIA Martine - Category : Debate   Sala Pietro da Cortona Musei Capitolini Roma

Sala Pietro da Cortona Musei Capitolini Roma

Sport pour la Paix dans l'espace francophone. Réflexions et Expériences partagées
Table ronde organisée pour la clôture des Journées de la Francophonie en Italie 2016 sur le thème « Franco +Sport pour la Paix ».

Le Groupe des Ambassadeurs francophones de Rome a choisi, à l’occasion des Jeux Olympiques (5-21 août) et Paralympiques (7-18 septembre) de Rio 2016, de s’inspirer des valeurs éthiques du sport qui rejoi...

23 March 2016 00:00 - 06 April 2016 15:00

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- Author : SAM Parfitt - Category : Artistic event   Saint Peter's School

Saint Peter's School

Saint Peter's School Celebration
Our students, after learning about the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, designed their own projects to raise awareness in our community of peace and development issues.

Fourth graders have made sport & peace balls, which will be hung in the shape of a peace sign in our school, and filled with white cards - one for e...

23 March 2016 00:00 - 30 April 2016 06:00

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- Author : - Category : Symbolic action   Around the world

Around the world

IDSDP 2016 Poster Contest
IDSDP 2016 Poster Contest!!!   Call to Action for Schools, Students & Youth Around the World & Anyone Can Participate!!   Create a poster and a message for the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on April 6th   Power of Sport Dialogue • Respect • Fair Play Inclusion • Health • Education Sport ...

24 March 2016 18:00

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- Author : COTTA Romain - Category : Symbolic action   Atman Osteopatic Campus

Atman Osteopatic Campus

Les femmes contre-attaquent
Les femmes contre-attaquent #LFCA est un projet mené par les étudiants de l'IAE de Nice, en Management du sport.

Cette 2ème édition se déroulera autour d'une table ronde dont le point de départ est l'idée suivante :
« Le sport de haut niveau féminin : quels constats dans notre société ? » Pour répondre à cette question, nous nou...

25 March 2016 00:00

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- Author : LEANDRO Olvech - Category : Sporting event   Rosalind Park

Rosalind Park

ITTF – World Table Tennis Day in Bendigo, Australia
Following its motto “Breaking Down Barriers with Table Tennis”, ITTF firmly believes that Table Tennis is not only a matter of competition: it is also a vehicle for positive social change, a healthy worthwhile use of leisure time, an opportunity to bring people together and an excellent tool for social inclusion & social cohesion. Table Tennis...

25 March 2016 01:30

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- Author : MOHAMMED IQBAL Iqbal - Category : Symbolic action   Bakhshi stadium Srinagar

Bakhshi stadium Srinagar

Get into Rugby Programme and a state Rugby 7,s Championship
We will organise a programme which is widely run by their respective unions clubs/ associations. The name of the programme is " GET INTO RUGBY" the aim of the programme is to involve the freshers in the sport of rugby. I hope that more than 20 schools and colleges will get involved in the programme in different age grades in both genders. ...

25 March 2016 09:30 - 13 April 2016 11:00

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- Author : KILTY Katherine - Category : Other   School of Sport Sciences, Endicott College

School of Sport Sciences, Endicott College

Playing for Change: Sport Development and Peace Initiative
Playing for Change: Sport for Development and Peace Initiative White Card Challenge Photo Campaign: Students asked the Endicott Community "How might we promote peace through play in our everyday lives?" Posters were crafted with the response and a photo of the person holding a white card. Team Lip Sync Chal...

25 March 2016 15:00 - 10 April 2016 21:00

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- Author : PAOLA VIRGINIA Gigliotti - Category : Symbolic action   Perugia, Catania

Perugia, Catania

Climbing Life
Sport Climbing, this year also invites all the sports and all the people involved in the sport world to celebrate together 6 April in order to help the Migrants and Refugees to climb the difficulties of life.

From the Sport University of Perugia will start a call to other Universities in the world to give the lesson of 6 April on the fol...

26 March 2016 07:00

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- Author : KRON Dominik - Category : Symbolic action   Phu Dien Primary School No 2

Phu Dien Primary School No 2

Phu Dien Football Tournament
The primary school in Phu Dien is organizing a football tournament to mark the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

Participating teams are part of the Football for All in Vietnam (FFAV) project, combining grassroots football and life-skill education for children.

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