International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

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23 March - 06 April 2016

- Author : SAM Parfitt - Category : Artistic event

Chattanooga, United States

Saint Peter's School Celebration
Our students, after learning about the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, designed their own projects to raise awareness in our community of peace and development issues.

Fourth graders have made sport & peace balls, which will be hung in the shape of a peace sign in our school, and filled with white cards - one for e...

30 March 2016

- Author : DAU Ludovic - Category : Artistic event

Atlanta, United States

April6 Anthem
Champion for Peace, Ronald Agenor, will create the April6 Anthem, to support the Peace through Sport Movement.

31 March - 08 April 2016

- Author : PICCO Isabelle - Category : Artistic event

New York, United States

Monaco Crossroad for Sports
Monaco Crossroad For Sports is a photo exhibition, organised by the Permanent Mission of Monaco to the UN, showcasing through 18 photos Monaco’s longstanding attachment to sport and belief in the values of sport and its ability to empower people.

This exhibition presents a combination of world renowned events, sport as an educational too...

05 April 2016

- Author : TEJ Gurung - Category : Artistic event

Parche, Nepal

Open Art Competition with the theme of ' Sport for Development and Peace
It is an Open Art Competition with the theme of  "Sport for Development and Peace".

This event includes the age group of year 15-25 focusing on youths.

Our partners are :
Creative Artists Group of Pokhar and District Sports Development Committee are the partners and supporters.
Of course it is open to the public an...

27 April 2016

- Author : LUNGI Mchunu - Category : Artistic event

Johannesburg, South Africa

3x3 at Back To The City - HipHop Youth Festival 2016
Africa's biggest hiphop gathering where we've added sports as part of the festivities.BACK TO THE CITY 2016 LINEUP [MAIN STAGE] 15 Mainstream rappers...
10 Underground rappers
5 Female rappers
5 Up and Coming rappers
5 Old School rappers
TOTAL = 40 Local rappers 15 Hip Hop DJ's 1 International act 4 Beat Boxers 4 Battl...

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