International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

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Tbilisi LiFE (Learning in Fitness Education) Basketball Camp 2018

23 June 2018 23:15 - 28 June 2018 05:15

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- Author : TAMAR Chachibaia - Category : Sporting event

Tbilisi LiFE (Learning in Fitness Education) Basketball Camp 2018
Tbilisi LiFE (Learning in Fitness Education) Basketball Camp 2018Play your Peace, Raise your White Card!We want to play basketball for peace during Tbilisi LiFE (Learning in FitnessEducation) Basketball Camp 2018 for South Caucasus Youth on June 23-27, 2018.
We symbolically join a campaign White Card and for the popularization of theInternational Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP), which wasdeclared by the United Nations General Assembly in 2013 with the support of theInternational Olympic Committee, and has been celebrated each year on the 6th ofApril ever since 2014.“Holding up a White Card, just like a referee, is an action that symbolizes the positivepower of sport. In contrast with the red card, which signifies the most serious offencein sport, the White Card is a gesture of inclusion, equity and peace”. (Joël Bouzou,Peace and Sport President and Founder).Sport can succeed where politics fail. The sports diplomacy through basketballTbilisi LiFE Camp during spring -June 23-27, 2018 - will bring a unique newincentive for sports for peace among South Caucasus young generation, who wants tobe healthy physically as well intellectually, motivating their future by implementingprinciples of equity, tolerance, inclusion in peace building with the powerful athleticspirit.Main goal is promoting sport as an educational tool for peace.Objectives of EDI Coalition are promotion and implementation of CulturalIntelligence (CQ) interactive education, to prioritize and incorporate diversity, equity,and inclusion (EDI) in sports for peace and development plans and actions byproviding seminars under umbrella title “Culture Matters”:a) Developing cultural intelligence (CQ)b) Cultural Intelligence Quotient (CQ) assessment and self assessmentc) Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Certificate programPeace and Sport promotes the practice of structured sport and sporting valuesto educate young generations and help foster social stability, reconciliation anddialogue between communities.A project “Sport Simple Solutions” would really make a difference to acommunity to care about to partner with Peace and Sport - this is theopportunity for all to communicate and apply their new or existing programfor partnership with Peace and Sport.The aim is:I. to promote projects and ideas which support and complement efforts inthe development of peace through sport and fit into the vision and Peaceand Sport’s Field Program strategy.II. to find as many as possible existing and potential model solutions forengaging stakeholders to use sport as a tool for peace with a meaningfuland positive impact around the world.We provide:I. To organize Sport Simple Solutions WorkshopII. Teach camp young basketball athletes to manage their own SportSimple Solutions e.g. “adapted sport”III. Learning through “Sport Simple Solutions” for positive problemsolving and leadership management skills development incommunity and beyond to launch in local vicinity “adapted sports”field.IV. To organize a lecture with local athletes or ex-athletes√ “Sport Simple Solutions” is a concept that adapts sports equipment,venues and rules so that sport can be played with limited resources orin harsh environment. At the same time, it promotes peace-throughsportby teaching positive values such as inclusion, equality andconflict resolution.√ “Sport Simple Solutions” enables a maximum number of people tohave access to sports without social or economic discrimination and tolearn about the positive values that can be acquired through sport.√ Participating in adapted and structured training courses implementedby Peace and Sport will help you to adapt the practice of sport to yourspecific environmental challenges and needs, as well as promotingdialogue and social cohesion through sport.√ Based on a changing and transmissible idea, an “adapted sport” is asporting activity whose practice area, equipment and rules are adaptedto promote and strengthen sustainable peace.√ The concept of Adapted Sport is designed to be easily understood andimplemented by anyone who wants to use sport as a tool for educationand social inclusion. Adapted Sport removes invisible barriers thatexist in sports activities by focusing on each person’s ability to adaptall aspects of physical exercise to their local environment. By way ofillustration, Adapted Sports use equipment that has been made fromlocal resources, whether natural or recycled.Some tips for basketball “Sport Simple Solutions” in local vicinity:-Kind of “adapted sport” 3x3 basketball is an adaptation of “traditional”basketball, and is played in teams of three against three, with a singlebasketball hoop. This shared target distinguishes the game from the majority ofother disciplines. Throughout the activity the participants learn to share spaceand a common target.-If the two teams are playing with one basket (common target), the team whichconcedes a basket or regains the ball must leave the arc holding the ball beforeattacking/shooting.Examples “Sport Simple Solutions” for Baskets:Bin attached to a treeBasket attached to a staircaseBike wheel rim attached to a wooden postCar wheel rim attached to a metal poleBin on a tableUpturned chair with string tied around the legsRound circle paint on a wall with chalkWire shaped into a ring attached to a poleRecycled waste resources that can be used to build adapted equipment.Tyre as a basketball netNatural Resources:Tree trunk –for basketball net supportConclusion note: Once the workshop is over, a group picture holding WhiteCard, the symbol of peace through sport, and the simple sport equipmentcreated.Project Beneficiaries(Direct and Indirect)- Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University -TSU Sports and Cultural AffairsDepartment’s Academy for Junior Athletes (14-20 years)-Youth athletes from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.- US Sports Exchange Alumni-“Know How Training Center” lead by David DarsavelidzeExpected ResultsUse of sport as a tool to address targeted issues: The sports centers usesports activities to help reduce violence, to encourage integration ofdiverse youth from multicultural environment√ Getting mobilized Tbilisi LiFE (Learning in Fitness Education)Basketball Camp 2018 during one week in June means for participantsto share the vision that sport can help to change the world. It meansthey will be joining a global community committed to take big or smallactions on this event.√ LiFe Camp 2018 week provides an annual opportunity to celebrate thepower of sport to drive social change, community development, toencourage equity and inclusion and to foster peace and understandingbetween individuals, communities and nations.√ Starting from the conviction that peace can be taught, learned andcommunicated, “Adapted Sport” aims to make sport a tool thatcan be used in the field, available to anyone who wants to make useof its capacity to unite people and uphold the values of citizenship.Adapting sporting practice serves to society and contributes toSustainable Peace.
Tamar Chachibaia, MD, PHD Associate Professor, Dep. Social and BehaviorSciences, D.Tvildiani Medical University.Course Director of the certificate program "Legal Aspects of Elite AthletesPerformance” at the Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, ContinuousEducation and Life-Long-Learning-Center.Founder and CEO of NGO “EDI Interuniversity Coalition”.2011 Fulbright Fellow in Faculty Curriculum Development,

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