International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

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To mark the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, the platform invites you to organize an event to show your support for this event, and to register it on
Here’s a checklist to help you, so that you don’t forget anything:


Preliminary Phase:

  • Determine the main objective of the event
  • Identify the target public and examine the most effective way of transmitting your message.
  • Develop a detailed program for the preliminary organization, identifying and assigning each task.
  • Prepare an initial budget.
  • If necessary, identify all sources of income (sponsors, subsidies, stands, marketing, etc).
  • Fix registration costs and if necessary, a marketing policy (invitations, reduced tariffs etc).
  • Choose a date for your event.
  • Decide the place and the format of the event (ask for authorization if necessary).
  • Take necessary measures to accommodate people with disabilities.
  • Envisage a reimbursement method in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Decide whether safety precautions are needed.
  • Send first invitations to potential participants by email, bulletin boards, snail mail or fax.
  • Contact all speakers, personalities and if necessary, the press, to check their availability.
  • Register your April 6 project on to give it visibility
  • Send a second invite to potential participants with detailed information about the event and, if necessary, the registration process.
  • Write a press release if necessary.
  • Start to prepare printed documents if needed. We advise you to use the communication tools at your disposal in order to give your event an ‘April 6’ identity.
  • Make a site visit, especially if you are not familiar with the meeting place.
  • Choose the decoration, check the preparations and the provision of seats.
  • Rent audio-visual equipment and, if necessary, bring in temporary personnel.
  • Take out insurance for the event (at least for civil liability).
  • Prepare a final list of participants.
  • Confirm all reservations and check all details (charge your telephone, sleep well…).

Post-event Phase:

  • Clean and tidy-up in order to leave a good impression.
  • Close the accounts.
  • Send a letter to sponsors, speakers, personalities, etc. to thank them for taking part.
  • Ask for feedback from participants by email or via a newsletter.
  • Make a summary report of your action.
  • Send your debrief / summary to participants and post a complete report on the April6 platform.
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