Día Internacional del Deporte para el Desarrollo y la Paz


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Eventos en 2020

25 Marzo 2020 00:00

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- Autor : ESTELLE Jean - Categoría : Encuentro Deportivo   #strongertogether challenge

#strongertogether challenge

#strongertogether challenge
Yoga and Sport For Refugees organises different sport challenges everyday via social media and WhatsApp to communicate and motivate the refugee community stranded in Lesvos but also elsewhere in Europe, as well as to raise awareness to the very dire conditions in which refugees are hosted and restricted to be confined. We want to celebrate April6 a...

27 Marzo 2020 00:00

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- Autor : April6 - Categoría : Encuentro Deportivo   Zaatari Village

Zaatari Village

The event will propose a number of sporting activities :
- Kickboxing- Table Tennis- Teqball- Baseball- Dodgeball
The "Live together on April 6" event is a day of several happenings to celebrate April6, within the Refugee camp involving UNHCR, al NGOs active in the camp and all beneficiaries of the LIVE TOGETHER Program.

30 Marzo 2020 08:00 - 04 Abril 2020 14:00

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- Autor : MARÍA JOSÉ Paiz - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   Cañadas de GuateLinda, Escuintla

Cañadas de GuateLinda, Escuintla

Se llevarán a cabo varias actividades, entre ellas: Un rally, encuentros deportivos, exhibición de deportes y se tendrá participación de niños integrantes de la fundación, de padres de familia y vecinos de la comunidad. 
Este evento se hará en Cañadas de Guatelinda, Escuintla, lugar en el que viven algunos de los afectados por la tragedia del ...

01 Abril 2020 08:30 - 06 Abril 2020 14:30

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- Autor : JAIME Casanova Martinez - Categoría : Encuentro Deportivo

KURASH; Haití y República Dominicana en amplia colaboración deportiva.

KURASH is a sport originated in the Republic of Uzbekistan and extremely popular in Central Asia with more than 3500 years of existence so it is considered the Mother of All Martial Arts.
KURASH is directed by the Kuwaiti citizen who answers to the name o...

04 Abril 2020 01:15 - 06 Abril 2020 06:15

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- Autor : SHAHID Ulhaq - Categoría : Trabajo en Grupo   Islamabad, Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan

Pakistan Sports Forum
Pakistan Sports Forum is the first working group of sports sciences and Physical Educationist to discuss the Pakistan sports policy, recognize the true value of all stakeholders included athlete, coaches, officials, administrators of any responsible in sport. Discussion forum is open to participate  for all sport community in Pakistan. The purpose ...

04 Abril 2020 04:15 - 05 Abril 2020 04:15

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- Autor : MVUTSEBANKA CELESTIN - Categoría : Encuentro Deportivo   Bujumbura, Kayanza, Rumonge

Bujumbura, Kayanza, Rumonge

Tournoi de paix et de cohésion sociale du rugby à 7 au Burundi pour les enfants de moins de 16 ans
La Fédération Burundaise de Rugby compte organiser un tournoi de Rugby à 7 pour les enfants de moins de 16 ans. Ce tournoi a pour but de renforcer la paix et la cohésion sociale entre les jeunes burundais de différentes tentantes ethniques. Cet événement est d'importance capital au Burundi surtout dans cette période électorale ou les violences poli...

04 Abril 2020 08:00

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- Autor : SSEKAMWA ISAAC ssekamwa - Categoría : Encuentro Deportivo   ABDJUMANI REFUGEE SETTLEMNT .


Sports aid network is an international charity passionate about  enriching the lives of less fortunate young people in the developing  world  through sports. We catalyze a collaborative response to the  complex sports needs of underprivileged communities and support the  rehabilitation and transformation of youth in post conflict and post ...

04 Abril 2020 10:00 - 13:30

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- Autor : ALPHERIO MORIS Nchimbi - Categoría : Encuentro Deportivo

- Sports to be included are Baseball/Softball Slow Pitch.- Different Cultures and Diplomacy backgrounds will play in One Field to Promote Peace and Development.- Embassies of Japan, USA, Cuba, South Korea, Italia, France in United Republic of Tanzania and Tanzania Baseball and Softball Association are Partners.- Open to the Public and looking to re...

05 Abril 2020 00:00

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- Autor : DEJANA Planincic - Categoría : Otros


We create togheter
Given the situation with the COVID 19 in our country we planned to have a social media campaign WhiteCard on our social media and with our elite athletes in order to raise the awareness about the 6th of April. 

06 Abril 2020 00:00

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- Autor : BATUL Abu Qdairi - Categoría : Encuentro Deportivo   Za'atari Camp

Za'atari Camp

Sports for All!
Blumont's event in Za'atari will include different sports such as football, basketball and volleyball to provide beneficiaries with opportunities to advance their creative and physical talents and build leadership skills and confidence,  which reinforce the values of self-expression and team-building. Targeting both youth and adults, Blumont, with...

06 Abril 2020 00:00

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- Autor : MARIS Lindmae - Categoría : Acción simbólica   Social Media

Social Media

 #aitähmeedikud White Card Day - Thank you, medical staff!
In the fight against the corona virus, Estonian sports community takes the white card with the message #aitähmeedikud (thank you, medical staff!) to express support and gratitude to those in the front lines. #aitähmeedikud #eok #valgekaart #terveeestieest

06 Abril 2020 00:00 - 06 Mayo 2020 00:00

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- Autor : ARINA Myassoyed - Categoría : Otros   Kazakhstan, Almaty

Kazakhstan, Almaty

2020 International Day of Sport for Development and Peace Campaign
The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading to more countries, territories and regions of the world at an alarming rate and physical and social distancing practices are becoming commonplace to stop the spread of the disease. The closure of gyms, sport facilities and stadiums, public pools, dance studios, and playgrounds mean that many of us are not able to ...

06 Abril 2020 00:00 - 24 Abril 2020 06:00

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- Autor : IRIS Vlachoutsicos - Categoría : Otros   Digital


Weightlifting training at home UNITED - #whitecard
Pyrros Dimas Champion for Peace with his position as President of the Greek Weightlifting Federation organises a Digital project.  A video with all athletes of the Greek National Team training at home and raising their #whitecard for Unity against COVID-19. 

06 Abril 2020 06:00

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- Autor : JISA georges (kalimine-wasamba) - Categoría : Demostración   JISA-GEORGES,S.K.T.I.FRANCE SPORT D'ENTREPRISE.


société kolwezi technigue industrielle france sport d'entreprise
Malgré les confinements du CORONAVIRUS.COVID 19.Nous ne manguerons plus de celebrer le 6/4/2020  individuellement la journée internationale du sport pour le développement et la paix dans le Monde entier.société kolwezi technigue industrielle france sport d'entreprise.Monsieur jisa-Georges,le Président

06 Abril 2020 11:00 - 30 Abril 2020 11:00

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- Autor : KYRIAKOS GEORGE Kyriakopoulos - Categoría :   Worldwide


Fit & Support (Digital) Festival
This year we wanted to do something different for the International Day of Sports for Development & Peace and we are excited to launch the FIT & SUPPORT Digital Festival, to help worldwide with the COVID-19 situation.
We offer daily 1-hour classes for:- Shaolin Kung Fu- Mat Work Pilates- Tabata/HIIT- Fitness- Synergy Yoga- Gymnastics

06 Abril 2020 17:00 - 18:00

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- Autor : PAOLA VIRGINIA Gigliotti - Categoría : Debate / conferencia   Perugia (Italy) University of Medicine

Perugia (Italy) University of Medicine

University for Peace - The life after. Sport Health Environment
In a web panel discussion experts of different disciplines will focus their attention on the lifestyle after COVID 19. Be ready to promote, through good sport practice, health and environment immediately after the pandemia to build better human relationships and greater respect for the environment.Video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel...

18 Abril 2020 00:00

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- Autor : rardsteat - Categoría : Actividad Artística


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