Felicite Rwemarika: empowering East-African Women through sports

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Gender equity, Reconciliation and co-existence | 0 comments

AKWOS (Organization of Women in Sports) is local Non-Governmental Organization that Felicite founded in 1998 with a mission to empower East-African Women through sports starting from Rwanda, in Education, gender equality, peace-building, conflict management and decision making.

Felicite Rwemarika is International Olympic Committee (IOC) Member and Executive Director & Founder – Organization of Women in Sports (AKWOS)

  • It has been my dream to share AKWOS achievements and lessons learned to the East African Region and afar to promote sports; a universal language and tool that can be used to address global and societal concerns; which include conflicts through using sports as a channel and platform for peacebuilding and reconciliation.

  • Rwanda
After several experiences in development and human rights NGOs in France, Lebanon, Palestine and Morocco as projects, research, communication and advocacy officer, I work now on the topic of sport as a tool to promote peace at Peace and Sport.