Zisis: Wushu Kung Fu Inclusion

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Reconciliation and co-existence, Social inclusion | 0 comments

Flame Wushu Team’s inclusive and integrative character is innovative, since it applies in training children and adults of all ages, able-bodied or disabled, with kinetic disabilities, neuro-developmental disorders and also competing, alongside able-bodied athletes in inclusive championships.

  • I am Zisis, 24 years old, autistic and intellectually disabled. I love kung fu. Being in lockdown for a year now, I miss my kung fu school and my friends there. We used to train and go to competitions together. Kung Fu helped me socialize and be strong in body and spirit.

  • Greece
Our team is composed of 3 wushu kung fu clubs in Greece. We promote inclusive sport and organise inclusive sport events. Athletes of all ages with kinetic disabilities and neuro-developmental disorders train and compete alongside able-bodied athletes.