Empowering girls in sports in this male dominant society

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Gender equity, Peace education, Youth empowerment | 1 comment

  • I have just completed my bachelor’s in sport sciences so my aim is to establish a sports academy in my region.
  • I wanna break the stereotypes in my society regarding gender discrimination in sports. 
  • I was very good in academics in my school so my teachers used to say I have to get admission in any engineering college. But I was interested in sports from the day first so now I have done my graduation in sport sciences and physical education from the University of Punjab Lahore. My aim is to establish a sports academy my region.

  • Pakistan
This is amber jamal from Gilgit Baltistan. I was one of brilliant students of my school in academics but my interest to sports bring me to the sport sciences department of the University of Punjab Lahore. I play volleyball and many other games.