In connection with Quetta Dodgeball Project, a grand dodgeball festival was organized at Bismillah Khan Kakar High School, Qila Abdullah on the occasion of 6 April Whiat Card. , Pakistan peoples parti Qila abdullah president Nazar Muhammad kakar, regional Sports committee General secretary Ibraheem kakar, Assistant Secretary Naseer Khan, Principal Mehrdad Kakar, and many social workers and school staff attended, and a message of peace through Whiat Card Compain.
Balochistan Dodgeball President Kaleemullah Khan appreciated the peace efforts and thanked all the team members. Balochistan Dodge ball Association is leading organization to develop Dodge ball sports and Give the message of peace every year at 6 April, Balochistan Dodge ball Association is Affiliated with World dodge ball Association WDA, and WDA recommend white Card Compain to all members, so we are so happy to be part of white Card Compain, Qila abdullah is a rural areas of Balochistan, Pakistan and near to Afghanistan borders, so here the Peace Compain is very must,