Gabriel Tabona: Peace Maps

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Peace education | 0 comments

I have been able to develop  social media content which sparks conversation around peace. in 2020 , through Spoti Sauti , i produced a radio drama titled ” Water tactics” , which sought to use football themes to sensitize the world on the need to conserve existing water resources at a a time when COVID19 was ravaging the world.

The radio drama in itself was important because if the world experiences water scarcity , it leads to conflict given that each community across the world have different priority areas on how they use water hence the competing needs can trigger conflict leading to death and destruction of property.

The Radio drama features 2 players who haven’t seen each other for a long time and after a return-to-sport protocols have been announced , they head to the pitch. One of the players is heard washing her hands and leaving the tap running when her teammate reminds her of the importance of conserving water to not only fight the covid19 pandemic but other water-borne diseases.

I am sport-centric and this has led me to dedicate my energies in different facets of sport from extensively volunteering in sport for development programs ranging from health to environment , to football coaching ,to organizing sport for development activities and publishing over 40 articles on sport. I am currently building Spoti Sauti , to expose the sporting profile of Kenya and Africa with a view of getting to understand the anatomy of issues affecting access to sport. I am Tito!