Living together as refugees

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Intercultural and interreligious understanding | 0 comments

Ibrahim, 32, comes from Daraa, Syria. He loves sports and used to be a football player. He had to flee the war and arrived in Zaatari in 2016. He participated in the football coaching seminars led by the UEFA Foundation in the camp. He worked for IRD as logistics coordinator within a Community Centre.

  • The “Live Together” program has many positive impacts on my community and in my private life. It helps release the hanger and negative energy that we hide inside us. Using sport and its values to create a positive energy with the kids improves our everyday life.

After several experiences in development and human rights NGOs in France, Lebanon, Palestine and Morocco as projects, research, communication and advocacy officer, I work now on the topic of sport as a tool to promote peace at Peace and Sport.