Gabriel Tabona : Audio content development on grassroots sport

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Gender equity, Intercultural and interreligious understanding, Peace education, Social inclusion, Youth empowerment | 0 comments

Spoti Sauti is an online audio platform that develop content geared towards exposing the Kenyan and African sporting profile to the world. Spoti Sauti  highlight how socio-economic ,political and environmental issues intersect to affect access to sport. We are on soundcloud.

  • After publishing over 40 articles on , I saw a need of developing audio content to highlight different issues affecting sport at the grassroots. Today , I have created 2 radio dramas dissecting community issues in respect to sport.

  • Kenya
I am sport-centric and this has led me to dedicate my energies in different facets of sport from extensively volunteering in sport for development programs ranging from health to environment , to football coaching ,to organizing sport for development activities and publishing over 40 articles on sport. I am currently building Spoti Sauti , to expose the sporting profile of Kenya and Africa with a view of getting to understand the anatomy of issues affecting access to sport. I am Tito!