by | Mar 11, 2021 | Social inclusion | 37 comments

Participating in local, national, and international tournaments allows us to understand that the participation of boys, girls, and young adolescents is a process of inclusion which allows changing their realities, attitudes and thoughts.

It doesn’t only the vision of the outside world of those who participate directly, but also of those who share their experiences with them, thus creating a mutual and positive synergy.

LET’S GO TO THE CUP, it is not just playing, it is being a LEADER … an AMBASSADOR, a CULTURAL ATTACHÉ of our regions and our country.

The sense of playing as a team broadens, they are panorama and their perspective for the construction of their new life project in peace.

  • Children and youth at risk of vulnerability, being immersed in the different social scourges to which they are exposed on a daily basis, are directly and indirectly benefited through our project “LET´S GO TO THE CUP" which allows us to link children and young people of both genders, in order to improve their social environment using soccer as a tool for peace.

  • Colombia