Eric Nzohabonayo: Sharing positive values through sport

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Peace education | 0 comments

Eric Nzohabonayo, 35 years old, is teaching at Nyabigina high school, Makamba province, Burundi. After school, he leads weekly peace-through-sport activities for children in the framework of Peace and Sport Methodology.

  • “I believe that sharing positive values especially non-violence and respect through sport is very important but it is also very appropriate because, through sport, young people learn in a playful atmosphere and with greater motivation. Young people who adhere to the methodology start to behave better and are less violent and more respectful than others.”

  • Burundi
After several experiences in development and human rights NGOs in France, Lebanon, Palestine and Morocco as projects, research, communication and advocacy officer, I work now on the topic of sport as a tool to promote peace at Peace and Sport.