Misbah Hina: Empowering girls through Volleyball

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Gender equity, Peace education, Youth empowerment | 0 comments

Misbah Volleyball Academy has been promoting sports and physical activities among girls in the area as well as in capital by organizing various training sessions and fitness camps with special focus on how to maintain healthy diet and healthy lifestyle in order to boost ones performance. We have started a volleyball academy named as (Misbah Volleyball Academy) for girls in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan where we train girls of all age group and prepare them for the future competitions. We are working on different projects with different International NGOs who help us to promote sports in Pakistan and to promote gender equality in playing fields
Our very first initiative was to create a volleyball academy for girls in the region. The purpose of developing a platform in the form of a volleyball academy was to provide an environment where young athletes can improve their game of volleyball and maximize their opportunities to play at both the competitive level, and at all levels and disciplines (as volleyball is a lifetime sport).
The Academy program is geared toward physical, moral, linguistic and professional development of the youth in local, national and international sports. Players learn the important values of team spirit, sportsmanship, and hard work in the environment of competitive athletics. We encourage the development of skills for players to compete at a highest levels of volleyball they can achieve, and also focus on the physical and mental development of all players. We also utilize the athletic environment to teach life lessons that are applicable on and off the court, including (but not limited to) leadership, teamwork, work ethic, dealing with adversity, etc.

  • Growing up in family where sports is considered as a secondary option but while for me it was something that I always wanted to do. Choosing sports like VOLLEYBALL in Pakistan was the biggest challenge for me. Because volleyball is one of the unpopular game in Pakistan. People don’t know about it and players hardly get the chance to play this sport. The saddest part for me was when I realized that we don’t have a Women’s National Volleyball team and guess what we still don’t have it.
    Well, that was the time when I decided that I should not keep waiting for any miracle to happen, I have to take that first step. So back in 2016 i initiated the first volleyball academy for girls in Hunza northern areas, when I had to move to Islamabad for further studies I started working in Islamabad as well. So currently we are working in Islamabad and have planned to work in different regions of Pakistan. We are advocating female athletes through sports and promoting volleyball in Pakistan.

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