Germaine – Working for gender equity through Sport

by | Apr 1, 2021 | Gender equity | 0 comments

My initiative is to increase mobilization strategies geared to change attitude and mindsets in communities in regard to gender equality and equity ; this will include evidence-based strategies such as sharing success stories and testimonies on gender equity mostly among housholds that were formerly in conflcit so that they act as a clear expample to the rest of the community. 

  • During the pre-1994 Rwanda women were very much segregated from all societal domains as the government didn’t empower them to become productive citizens.
    The current Governemnet among its key priorities is to empower women in all aspects and sectors through encouraging them to become more confident which has made many women in Rwanda to shine and help their folks break the silence on gender inequality.
    This has led them to become very influential and active people in all sectors of Rwanda.
    I am one of those women who has won national awards from my tailoring, design and craft. I have brought many women on board and empowered them at no fee; more still trained them on various topics regarding conflict management and peacebuilding though sports as AKWOS has always mentored women in my community.
    This has fostered gender equity in my community as men have gradually changed their attitude towards women empowerment.

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