Paola Virginia Gigliotti Honorary Member of the International Sport Climbing Federation, in charge for Human and Social programs

by | Apr 3, 2021 | Peace education | 0 comments

April 6th and the WhiteCard offer me an educational opportunity, first of all celebrating the idea of sport as a mean of cooperation and union, and moreover promoting multi-cultural events and initiatives throughout the year. So here I am, behind my White Card!

By the way, what I like doing most is looking in front of my White Card (not just behind), at the thousands people, of any age and from each part of  the world, who have shared this special path with me, for years.


Happy Sport and Peace day to everybody!

  • I was born in the “lucky” part of the world, without knowing wars or hunger.
    Since I was young, I was able to practice my sport activities and my medical profession, trying to be friendly with everyone.
    The IFSC and Peace & Sport as well, had the ability to sum up some of the most significant aspect of my life and, thanks to their programmes, I had the chance to realize my own dream of contributing to world peace and social inclusion.

  • Italy