Dora Goudoura : Fencing passed me values without realizing it!

by | Apr 3, 2021 | Gender equity, Peace education, Reconciliation and co-existence | 0 comments

I am Dora Goudoura, Fencing Champion of Greece, recently qualified to participate in the 2020-1 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

  • In Fencing I learned to respect and appreciate my fellow athletes, who are also my opponents. I experience equality and apply equity!

    In Fencing, strategic thinking is an innate and automatic process that acts on your subconscious! You learn to distinguish when to play with passion and faith and when to wait, watch and finally choose the right time to achieve the target!

    Fencing shapes and improves your personality! In order to reach and remain at a high level, you must discover your weaknesses, work on them and constantly evolve! This particular methodology for improving your personality exists only in sport and competitive sport! Personalities based on sport values are the positive core of a society!

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