My motivation

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How the muaythai community assisted my rehabilitation through and already challenging time. 

  • Covid-19 added to my already challenging life. I suffered a career ending injury while winning a good medal for my country. My hamstring was completely ruptured. I had surgery to reattach this to the bone and was rehabilitating the tendon when Covid hit. I was reaching a good point with my recovery when all gyms shut and I was left with my boxing gloves and my home. Early into lockdown my surgeon had cleared me to begin hitting a boxing bag...this was 1 year post surgery and was a huge milestone to hit. With no boxing bag, no gym and only my muaythai community to lean on (via zoom and social media). The muaythai community supported me and motivated me to keep working at home, using what I could to also inturn inspire anyone else who was struggling through this pandemic. Muaythai kept me going, I was putting my sparring gear on and lightly striking the pillar in my garage. Thank you 🙏🏼 muaythai and the muaythai community who continued to encourage me as I posted videos if my progress.


  • Australia