Nicolas Messner: Through Judo for Peace, I saw the world changing

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Peace education, Reconciliation and co-existence, Social inclusion, Youth empowerment | 0 comments

Judo for Peace is an initiative of International Judo Federation. In 2015, we initiated a programme in Kilis within the refugee camp nearby. Throughout the year, the programme grew and reached new levels. Now that the camp is closed, we are still working with refugees in Kilis and over the border.

  • Some years ago, I discovered Container City, near Kilis, TUR. Today the camp is closed but I was able to travel to Syria and see how judo still helps to overcome the war trauma.

  • Syrian Arab Republic
Former athletes, I've been working for the International Judo Federation for more than ten years as media and Judo for Peace director.