Pyrros Dimas: Sport leads to a “way of life” filled with positive values!

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Peace education, Social inclusion | 0 comments

I am a Champion for Peace at Peace and Sport, I share my story and raise my whitecard to celebrate sport values! 

  • Sport is not only about competitions and medals! It is about the whole journey you take to reach the goals and all the values that you cultivate through this procedure!
    Sport keeps you healthy, it teaches you to keep focused, never give up and to fight for your dreams. Sport also pushes you to find solutions to overcome obstacles in all aspects of life. Thanks to sport I have learnt about discipline, respect for the rules and for the others. All this helped me to structure my life around those positive values.
    As a Champion for Peace, I want to convince the younger generations of the unlimited power of sport, and advance together towards more inclusive and peaceful societies.

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