FODEDE in partnership with a female soccer team Earth Angels, Celebrates April6- Sport for Development and Peace with a launching of the #White Card campaign

by | Apr 9, 2021 | Gender equity, Peace education, Social inclusion, Youth empowerment | 0 comments

Football to Develop Destitute (FODEDE), a local not for profit sports organization that seeks support for innovative and sustainable sports education and entrepreneur programs worldwide as a strategy for social change to provides youth with workplace competencies that lead to in-demand, sustainable employment and livable wages. We ensure opportunities for academic achievement through workforce preparation, lifelong learning and basic skills and literacy education, especially for undeserved and under-represented individuals, by creating professional-technical programs and learning environments that are accessible, diverse, responsive and innovative.

April6- Sport for Development and Peace with a launching of the #White Card campaign. It is a day to acknowledge the accomplishment to recognize the influence of women and girls in sport Sports bring people together, It is the way of life and of self- discipline , it is a game of distinction towards self- confidence. It is Educational and also social inclusion as well as Youth Empowerment This is Angeline Kieh, her journey towards sports started as a teenager and has grown up with a family who also loves sports. And she is a good example of all other girls in sports. This artistic initiative is to encouraged girls and boys to reflect on how sports can change their lives and the world at large.