INTERNATIONAL DAY OF SPORT FOR DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE – Peace and Sport: Panagiotis Giannakis raises… White Card!

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Social inclusion | 0 comments

-Mr. Giannakis, how can sport contribute to the promotion of world peace through the values ​​it promotes?

I think it is probably the most ideal human expression which can really touch the whole world, regardless of the color, origin and name of everyone. And that’s because through sports, one can discover himself and not only that! He discovers also his friend, his competitor,

-How can athletes, convey the ideas and ideals of sports, in order to send a resounding message?

I think the best way is to show how much sport has helped us become better people. Also,we could try to convince people to get involved in sports. I think the relationships that develop through this action, enable the whole world to discover that this planet can give us nice moments and nice games that can make our world more beautiful.

-Sports – through its values ​​- fights inequality, racism, poverty, illiteracy. What actions can raise more awareness?

Through communication with the younger generation, the future of the world and  through the good experiential moments that athletes offer in games. These good moments influence people and offer them good examples. Sport affects people and motivates them to be close to their children and to sports and with key actions to be able to understand the great values. Values ​​of working together and coaching to find better ways to really make our world a better place.

-How can Greece, the cradle of sports and culture, be a model for cultivating peace, solidarity and personal improvement;

Greece was always the first template, promoting the ideals of sports that have been born in our country. I think it would be very nice to organize actions that unite the past with the present and the future, to bridge our history with our current effort.