Kelly Loufaki raises the White Card for the “Peace and Sport” movement, giving a message for world peace.

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Social inclusion | 0 comments

-Ms. Loufaki, can Sport contribute to the promotion of world peace through the values ​​it promotes?

 – “I believe that Education and Sports are the most powerful weapons you can use to change the world. Through Sports, each of us can become the best version of ourselves. Sport can contribute and promote the brotherhood of people and understanding of particularities in order to prevent racism, violence, racial and social discrimination. “People are united through sports, not divided.”

-How can athletes, convey the ideas and ideals of sports, in order to send a strong message across the world?

– “Sport is not only medals but the continuous and daily effort for self-improvement. You exceed your limits, in failures you do not give up, you appreciate, you respect and the most important thing is that in the end you always come out a winner because you have achieved the most basic thing: to become a better person. With effort and perseverance, you can encourage more and more children to get involved in sports. These are the right models for the new generation. “

-Sports – through its values ​​- fights inequality, racism, poverty, illiteracy. Through what actions can it raise awareness?

– “The best action for awareness is communication. How; through visits to schools. “Always promoting the value of Sports, which, in addition to physical health and well-being, also contributes to the cultivation of team spirit, solidarity, cooperation, but also the transmission of values ​​in critical social issues such as violence, racism and others.”

-How can Greece, the cradle of sports and culture, be a model for the cultivation of peace, solidarity and the development of peoples?

– “Greece is a country with history, culture and heritage. In conjunction with Sports, we can organize sports campaigns and actions aimed at raising awareness of peoples for peace and solidarity. “