Nasroolah: sport to find a purpose

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Social inclusion, Youth empowerment | 0 comments

Nasroolah Jafari joined the Yoga and Sport with Refugees kickboxing classes when he was a resident of the refugee camp of Lesvos, in Greece. Having joined the association two years ago, sport has allowed him to get out of the camp environment and find a purpose; now he wants to bring more hope to the children. He wants to give them the opportunity to have a normal life.

Nasroolah has now received his papers and is living in Athens, where he is still taking sports classes with Yoga and Sport with Refugees.

Story :
“I had no opportunity to do sports in Afghanistan—not even the internet in our poor area. Now I run and do kick-boxing. Knowing Estelle and Yoga and Sport With Refugees saved my life. The English I’m speaking I learned from these people. I come to stay physically and mentally healthy. I always dreamed of having the opportunity to do sports. Why waste my time in the camp? I can come and grow up and do good things. I can get to know more people. I can have more social connections. I have done it for over two years. I’m very happy with that.”

Photo credits: Giulio Piscitelli

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