Tchoukball on the april6 2022

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Peace education, Social inclusion | 0 comments

Tchoukball players from many countries took part on the #idsp2022 Brazil, Colombia, Togo, Cameroun and Tunisia on this picture. Tchoukball is recognized by the UN for its educational values and peace building, in a sport without physical contact and open to everyone.

Support the development of tchoukball in school, clubs and associations around the world as a transformation tool and character building. 

Direct contact and coaching courses are provided for news groups interested in developing the sport. 

Tchoukball can be played and adapted to different space and ground type, from a basketball court to the street, from beach to grass. A dynamic sport that teaches respect during the practice and out of the court. 

Dr Hermann Brandt, creator of tchoukball, believed that sports should be not only for champions, but also contribute to the creation of a better and more humane society. He designed tchoukball to contain elements of handball (it is played with hands, and the balls used are similar), volleyball (as the defending team must prevent the ball from falling) and squash (since there is a rebound).

Tchoukball is played in over 60 countries around the world and official national and international events are regularly hold in all the continents. 

Coaching material, videos available in many languages for free.