Kickboxing for Everyone

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Gender equity, Social inclusion, Youth empowerment | 0 comments

As April 6th is the commemoration of the hard work being carried out every day by international sport organizations, athletes, coaches and NGOs that play a fundamental role by transmitting the educational values of sports to people of all ages throughout the world. We also join this movement, now more than ever in middle of some many disaster globally, we need to stand for peace through something that bring us together: Sports. And this is what I am doing with Kickboxing and Taekwon-Do programs in our training center in Taipei City, alongside with my wife, who has fully supported my ideals and projects. With these initiatives we must rise up to reach the ideal to build a better world. The White Card Campaign on April 6th provides the opportunity to highlight sport as a force for peace and to demonstrate that sport can accelerate social transformation and foster the construction of inclusive and peaceful societies. This is my second time joining this campaign alongside with my kickboxing students after our nigh training this Wednesday.

Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing Training Center