Amna: Football is Life Changing

by | May 8, 2022 | Gender equity, Social inclusion, Youth empowerment | 0 comments

I started playing football a year ago. This year, I began playing with the Sport for Life team. Being a member of the Sports for Life team has made this the most memorable and happy year for me. I’ve made new friends and learned about the beauty in collectively playing the game of football.

Football has changed my life 180 degrees!

Without a doubt, football has transformed and opened new life ambitions for me. These new life goals and life changes through football is thanks to my amazing coach Yumon Masri. She is my role model and inspiration. Her teaching style is one of a kind since she includes both life skills training and ball training. Her life skills training sessions has helped guide me in paving new purposes in my life – and for that, I am forever grateful. I am excited to continue playing football alongside my friends and teammates within the Sports for Life team since it has been a place of development, acceptance, and positively.

I also give my thanks and massive credit for Palestine Sports for Life for their continued support for the Sports for Life football training program and team.

Name: Amna Shukri Ahmad Akasha

Age: 13 years old

Palestine: Sports for Life (PS4L) is a leading Palestinian non-profit Sport for Development organization based in Ramallah founded in 2010 PS4L responds to developmental needs in the marginalized Palestinian communities through sport and life skills and empowers youth and women by operating in a global context and aligning it’s developmental activities and programs with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).