Jana: Sports Developed My Personality

by | May 8, 2022 | Gender equity, Social inclusion, Youth empowerment | 0 comments

I’ve been playing football for about a year now and have realized how football changed me for the better. It transformed my personality into being a more confident person and in standing up for what I believe in. Football made me take responsibility for my actions and life plans. Through our football trainings with coach Yumon Masri, life skills are emphasized and focused on. Skills like time-management, teamwork, and effective communication are constantly discussed and covered during each of our football sessions.

Reflecting on this year of playing football, I clearly see how I developed into a better player and person. My football skills became better and I have made many new friends who are my teammates.

I hope to become a professional football player like my coach, Yumon Masri, whom I thank with all my heart for her support and constant mentorship. This year, I am super excited to have the opportunity to play football at an international level at the Street Child United World Cup. It will be the first time Palestine will be represented in the tournaments. I will be a member within the Sports for Life team alongside my fellow teammates, who will participate in the matches, vocalize the concerns of Palestinian youths, and raise the flag of Palestine.

Name: Jana Ibrahim Abu Haish

Age: 13 years old

Palestine: Sports for Life (PS4L) is a leading Palestinian non-profit Sport for Development organization based in Ramallah founded in 2010 PS4L responds to developmental needs in the marginalized Palestinian communities through sport and life skills and empowers youth and women by operating in a global context and aligning it’s developmental activities and programs with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).