Workshop “Sport as a response for peace” at the University of Paris Nanterre

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Within the framework of the SSSPNI Master and on the occasion of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, the Peace and Sport organization organizes a round table “Sport as a response for peace” in collaboration with the University of Paris Nanterre.

1-Context: 10 min
introduction video
Presentation by Vincent Dru – Director of UFR STAPS
Exchanges 1 student and 1 researcher to explain the role of sport in favor of peace

2-Testimonies of experts: 40 min
Public Policy Makers

3-Presentation of a project: 10 min
Introduction of the project by Benjamin Boukpeti – Champion for Peace and the only Togolese Olympic medalist, on video
Exchanges Morgane Becqueriaux (Intern ISP – Peace and Sport) and Ouro Koumoni – President Terres in Mêlées Togo, on video from Togo

4-Dissemination of the Captain Ali Documentary: 13 min
Syrian refugee story highlighting resilience through sport

5-Conclusion for Peace and Sport: 5min
Conclusion by Jean-Jérôme Perrin-Mortier – CEO Peace and Sport / Call for peace through the #WhiteCard symbol

Communication and Press Manager at Peace and Sport, I have 5+ years of experience in political affairs, conflict prevention and resolution, and communication. A great part of my work has been conducted in the context of conflict and transition settings.