Champion for Peace Fode Ndao: My goal is to use sport as a tool for dialogue and social cohesion

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Social inclusion | 0 comments

“I am committed to contributing to the initiatives of sports diplomacy and field programmes, especially in Africa, with the essential support of the 100 ‘Champions for Peace’ to promote sport as a tool for dialogue as well as to achieve the objectives of peace,” said Fodé Ndao.

International coach and current head coach of the Senegal national teams, Fodé Ndao was selected Karate representative as ‘Peace & Sport’ ‘Champion for Peace’ for his contribution to the development of education and cohesion. The ‘Champions for Peace’ are a group of high-level sports icons personally committed to the movement of achieving peace through sport.

“To be a Champion of Peace for Peace and Sport means to bring together and develop partnerships between the world of peace, the world of sport and the political world,” states Ndao. “This is why I support these programmes and initiatives, even more considering the values of Karate and the strength of the WKF all over the world,” he adds.

The Karate world is joining the #WhiteCard campaign by posting their pictures with the white card on social media. Fodé Ndao reflects on the power of Karate as a tool to transmit educational values to people of all ages all over the world.

“Karate has strong educational, mediating, therapeutic and promotional principles that are extremely useful in social environments. I encourage all karatekas to get involved in social work as Karate is much more than a sport,” he adds.