My name is Dimitrios Mitsios-Antonakos, I am from Greece and I am 27 years old. I am a fencing athlete and coach.

  • I am a fencing athlete and coach. I started fencing at the age of 19. I have deeply loved fencing from the very first day that I discovered it and now it is an important part of my everyday life. Fencing has affected my life only in positive ways and in many different areas of it. Specifically, thanks to fencing:
    • My physical and mental health has improved significantly.
    • I have highly cultivated the ability to cooperate, which is one of the most essential things that sports can offer to athletes and is a basic requirement of a well-functioning society.
    • I have boosted my confidence and self-discipline and I have managed to reduce my stress
    • I have managed to get the certification of coach and referee and as a result I am now able to pass on my knowledge to new fencing athletes.
    • I had the opportunity to travel to many different countries abroad (in order to compete in fencing competitions) and acquire many and interesting experiences.
    • I have had the chance to feel the thrill of playing in the finals of the national fencing tournament with my team and the joy of achieving our goals through persistence and hard work.

  • Greece
27 years old. Fencing athlete and coach.