Breaking down barriers through minigolf

by | Apr 9, 2021 | Social inclusion | 0 comments

In minigolf it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what age you are, if you are a man or a woman: it’s you against yourself, looking for the perfect shot. Minigolf is a sport that can be at the same time a challenge with oneself and a means to unite people. I would like minigolf to become an example of how sport can overcome prejudices, differences and be a means of integration.


  • I started playing minigolf 15 years ago with my family: in this sport I found a way to express myself beyond the opinions of others and any prejudice. A way to challenge myself, forge my self-esteem, learn to achieve my goals with commitment but also lots of fun.

  • Italy
Full member of the World Minigolf Federation