Peace Through Sport in Wazitistan, Pakistan

by | Mar 25, 2022 | Gender equity, Peace education, Reconciliation and co-existence, Social inclusion, Youth empowerment | 0 comments

Pakistan Taekwondo Federation conducted two national level events in war torn area of Waziristan, Pakistan. Waziristan formerly was administered by Federal Capital. After the war on terror many terrorists made the area as their hideouts. But through the efforts of Armed Forced of Pakistan things get better day by day. During the turmoil majority of the people of this area were displaced and all the economic, social, cultural, sports and administrative activates were at halt. But due to many sacrifices and untiring efforts of Pakistan Armed Forces alongwith the locals the life has come back in the area. To engage all the local population and run the economic wheel, where other activities are happening same way sports activities are being organized through NFs and NOC Pakistan. In this regard in 2020 and in Nov 2021 two national level events were conducted back to back. In these events most of the people from the tribal area were invited along with other provincial teams, to see and take part in the healthy activities of sports, instead involving youth in undesirable activities. The efforts of the NOC, NFs and Armed Forces was dully appreciated by the locals.