Sports for Autistic Children

by | Mar 24, 2022 | Social inclusion | 0 comments

Kafka Welfare Organization Pakistan is a non-profit organization working in Pakistan with a motive to build an inclusive peaceful society. Kafka has been implementing global sports for the development and peace movement in Pakistan. In new post-covid life, from the platform of Kafka and in collaboration with Children Library Complex Lahore we started an inclusive sports program to include differently-abled children in society through different sports for development organized and objective oriented activities. The activities aimed to develop motor skills, communication, and life skills, particularly among Autistic children. As you may need one coach to work with one or two autistic children so we have engaged and trained various coaches from Physical Education and Sports Sciences department GC University Lahore. The program has observed positive changes and happiness in children involved through adapted sports activities which is something we are always proud of. Also, we got positive feedback from parents.
I believe such efforts can really make a difference among communities around the world.