Climbing Life Sport Music Peace

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Climbing Life is an educational project, a syntesis of webinars, seminars, thoughts, pictures that now arrive more earlier than April6.
A violinist was the first and, with her violin and white card she reminded everyone of the importance of sharing their white card.
Music and Sport don’t need words, they are understandable to everyone. One ball is enough to start a race. One note is enough to start a dance. Many notes become music. Many White Cards become a strong request for Peace.                                                                                                                                March 24  seminar with the students of Sport Science-University of Perugia Department of Medicine about the sport for social inclusion and peace. By Paola Virginia Gigliotti.                    March 25 webinar with students of Scuola Media Magione (Perugia). A very interactive moment with children 11/13 years old that started: Sport is not Politics. After the discussion they concluded: Sport must induce good politics and good social behaviors. By Paola Virginia Gigliotti.                April 4 White Card during the graduation session of the students of Sport Science-University of Perugia Department of Medicine. By Professor Francesco Coscia.                                             March30-31,  April 1 Hyderabad Toofaan games by Naandi Foundation (P&S Award 2019). Paola Virginia Gigliotti guest of honor (after two years of collaboration online) and speaker in two seminars, Sport and Nutrition, Fitness profile and training. White Card with coaches and 122 disadvantaged girls from poor indian villages.