Aikido for peace

Aikido for peace

The International Aikido Seminar gathered Aikidoka from Romania, USA, Netherlands and Poland, also Slovakia and Sweden.

The event took place in Romania, one of the members of the International Aikido Federation.

There were several trainings that were enjoyed by beginners and also black belts, by men and women, also by youth and teenagers. When on tatami, an Aikidoka has no competition behavious. Everyone develops oneself in several ways: communication, kindness, focus, posture, attitude, reaction, self control, perseverence. Aspects that come over techniques, speed of reaction, movements of the body. 

After one of the trainings, we seized a moment of #Whitecard.

Aikido is a martial art, but the philosophy is around peace and friendship. It is actually called ”The Art of Peace”. It directs you to find how to succeede in a nonviolent way when facing a conflict. The Aikido principles can be applied into our daily life and can help us face all kinds of challenges we encounter – in our personal life, job, business, social relations.