From the pool to the world

From the pool to the world


  • I went to my first swimming class when I wasn't even one year old. I returned at the age of 3 and I never left it since then.
    Swimming has been my longest relationship. Even at the hardest of times we stuck together. Then, I started competitive swimming when I was 9 years old. It taught me how to be resilient, responsible, confidant, how to manage my time and compromises.
    During my master's degree in History, International Relations and Cooperation, I wanted to focus my dissertation on something I loved, sports. I found out about Sport for Development and Peace, and how unknown it was here in Portugal. So, I studied it and I wrote my dissertation about it.
    Today I try to raise my #WhiteCard everyday as I raise awareness about how an important tool sport is for our lives, for development and for peace.

  • Portugal